NextGEM celebrated its 5th plenary meeting in Brussels

On February 13-15, the project partners reunited to oversee the state of the project and its upcoming steps

NextGEM’s 5th plenary meeting took place from February 13th to 15th, 2024, hosted at the Sciensano Belgian Institute for Health in Brussels, Belgium. This significant event drew more than 30 participants from a consortium of 20 European partner organizations, highlighting the project’s dedication to fostering collaboration and inclusivity. Attendees joined both in person and via teleconference, reflecting a hybrid approach to engagement.

The meeting’s core objective was to present a detailed update on the project’s progress, with a keen emphasis on the technical details driving the initiative forward. Throughout the three-day session, participants engaged deeply with the material, culminating in the development of strategic plans for enhancing internal communication and furthering research efforts.

A key highlight of this gathering was the series of demonstrations that took place, illustrating the technical progress and advancements within the project. These showcases provided tangible examples of progress and sparked dynamic discussions among participants.

Additionally, the meeting served as a vibrant open forum, allowing every attendee to contribute their perspectives, insights, and innovative ideas. This collective exchange fostered a sense of community and shared purpose, laying the groundwork for continued collaboration towards achieving NextGEM’s ambitious goals.

Looking to the future, the NextGEM project anticipates its next plenary meeting in Autumn 2024, set against the backdrop of the historic city of Delft, Netherlands. This upcoming event, to be hosted by the prestigious Delft University of Technology, promises to be another landmark occasion in the project’s path toward pioneering innovation and setting new standards of excellence in the field.

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