Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) produced by man-made devices are all around us. Especially with the next generation of radiofrequency EMFs, further investigations regarding EMF and possible health risks are required. In this context, the EU-funded NextGEM project will generate relevant knowledge of EMF exposure in residential, public and occupational settings. The project will design a new framework for the generation of health-relevant scientific knowledge and data on new scenarios of exposure to EMF in multiple frequency bands. Its overall aim is to provide a healthy living and working environment, under safe EMF exposure conditions. ​

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NextGEM Innovation & Knowledge Hub (NIKH)

NextGEM aims to provide a safe living environment in the face of rapid technological advancements that necessitate fast and reliable access to relevant scientific knowledge. NextGEM will create the European NextGEM Innovation and Knowledge Hub (NIKH) for EMF and Health: a go-to tool for European regulatory authorities, the scientific community, and citizens.

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